People are absolutely freaking out about a picture that was posted to Reddit yesterday. The pic has gone viral, now, and it’s driving people crazy!


The proportion to which people are freaking out about this picture is similar to “the dress,” from last year. People couldn’t make up their minds whether the dress was blue and black or white and gold! Similarly, virtually NO ONE can spot the cat that is laying down in this picture. However, when they spot the feline, invariably they end up kicking themselves for not seeing it in the first place.

Can you spot the cat? It’s hiding in plain sight. If you can’t, don’t feel bad; I couldn’t find the darn thing for 30 minutes! “Looks like an entirely different photo once you find it,” one commenter said. Lots of people thought that the post was a joke, meant to drive you crazy. But there really is a cat! If you don’t believe me, scroll down.