She’s In a Bikini But When She Jumps On HIM You Won’t Believe The Reason

by Henry Freeman 0

Yesterday, a police officer made an extremely rare arrest. It took place when she was wearing a bikini!

Someone got a picture yesterday of what happened. The officer, a Swedish woman, explained: “A poor homeless guy who you’d have thought would do right for himself. He sells magazines instead of stealing!! When we decline to buy his magazines he takes the opportunity to steal my friends mobile phone!!

Very skillfully since he slipped down his magazine over the phone and takes it with ease!! Bad luck for him that he tried to steal from two cops!! My first arrest dressed in bikini during my 11 years as a cop!! Pretty fun and comfortable I have to say! Look out for pickpockets, keep an eye on your valuables!!”

This type of police work is amazing to see, even an off duty cop was able to do her job. It is really amazing when you someone like this in your life. I t makes me feel safer and ready to help out.

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