Pastor Was Watching The sunset When He Heard A Thud; That’s When He Saw This Young Boy In Need

by John Sullivan 0

Pastor Bryan Stupar said that he was watching the sunset on the trail with his 20-year-old daughter last week. That’s when he heard a “thud.” That noise came from a young man who had fallen nearly 30 feet to the ground.


“I was looking off in the distance… saw him at the corner of my eye, and that’s when I just saw him disappear and [heard] the thud,” he said of LaLanne, who was walking down the Bishop Peak trail after using a drone with a friend. Evan LaLanne was injured badly, and Pastor Stupar hurried to save him.


“It was a mixture of pure — just anxiety and adrenaline. I just rushed to him. I knew it was severe, especially when I got to him,” he recalled. He said the teen appeared to be breathing, but LaLanne couldn’t move his legs. “I asked him to then, see if he could move and he couldn’t move his legs… and the position of his body was such that it was literally at a 45-degree angle, legs up in the air, head down,” said Pastor Stupar.


The pastor worked to save him, and succeeded. However, the 18-year-old was paralyzed from the waist down. His GoFundMe page reads:


“Evan suffered severe injuries to his neck and back after falling almost 30 feet on Bishops’s Peak.  He was flown to Stanford where he is scheduled for surgery.  Evan is currently paralyzed from the waist down but it is unknown at this time if this will be permanent.

Any help you can provide for Evan and his family is greatly appreciated.  They will have a great deal of travel and hotel expenses along with extensive medical bills.


The Lalanne family has always been there for any of us in need and it will mean so much to be able to be there for them.

Thank you…Please pray for Evan and his family.  We will update Evan’s condition as we know more.”