Pastor Breaks Down In Tears During Sermon When The Police Walk In And Tell Him

by Henry Freeman 0

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Another tragic reminder to never leave a child in a hot car came yesterday. A three-year-old boy was left in a car in the church parking lot, and when the family returned, he had died.

Authorities say that the family was attending an afternoon church service in Dallas, when suddenly another church member mentioned that the 3-year-old was missing. The panicked father sprinted out to the car. But when he brought the boy inside the church to the congregation, it was already too late. “We didn’t know. We didn’t see. He just bring into the building inside, and we saw it and get the people, we need to help and call 911,” one churchgoer said. “He was very… looked like bad. He was grabbing his kid, and the kid would not move, and, ‘I need somebody help, call the police,'” another said.

This was so sad. Can you imagine how the congregation reacted when the child was brought in? Please pray for this family during this hard time.