Norris Reveals The Only Thing Jesus Can Do To Help Him And His Family…God Bless

by Henry Freeman 0

“You can always tell a person’s real character and personhood by those who closely surround him, especially if they’re family. Consider not only how poised and positive Trump’s adult children are but also how much they admire and respect their father.

Even the liberal media, with all of its bias against Trump, cannot say a negative thing about how much his children love him, and how much he loves his children.
Do you think that type of family passion and values could really exist without the family’s members knowing Trump is the real deal?

Once Trump occupies the White House, “The People’s House,” his family will grow so to speak to include the American people. He will stand up for us – all of us. As he said at the convention, ‘I am your voice.’”

These were his statements about Trump. Chuck then went on to describe how Trump will help support the growth of Christianity. Chuck agrees that we must come together as republicans to prevent Hillary from getting into the white house. He believes that Trump will bring God into the white house, and he will put God first! I agree with Chuck and believe that Donald is our pick. Do you agree?