New Evidence Arises In Frightening Amber Alert, Pray That We Find Him

by Henry Freeman 0

4 days ago a little boy in Aurora, Colorado went missing. The FBI and police are working hand in hand to try and find the missing boy. It breaks my heart that his family has to go through this right now, right during the holidays, and during the New Year. It has to be devastating.

Authorities said they are not slowing down any efforts to find the 6-year-old, who is believed to have wandered off from his Aurora home. An Amber Alert was issued on Monday in the case. Recently they stopped a car near the school of the young boy to investigate.

At the intersection of Dartmouth and Laredo in Aurora FBI agents and Aurora police officers stopped every driver, asking questions, taking names and opening trunks. That’s close to Dartmouth Elementary School, the school Puckett attends.

Right now the authorities are asking for any and all advice that might help lead to this little boy’s rescue. The FBI has many other canvassing areas set up in the town, but none have led to anything significant. They have no intention on calling for volunteers to help with the search, but will keep the entire community updated with any information. Will you help?