Mom Thinks Girl Is Attacked By Dog, When She Gets Closer…OMG

by Henry Freeman 0

This Australian family wanted to get a new pet, and they wanted to help out a dog in need. So rather than go to a breeder or a pet shop, they headed down to the shelter and they picked out a large Doberman Pinscher named Kahn.

Catherine had a 17-month-old daughter named Charlotte, and she was concerned about how they would interact, but Kahn got along just fine with her. They played together all the time and Kahn really seemed to enjoy his new home.
But just four days after they brought Kahn home, Catherine noticed that Kahn was being aggressive with the toddler when she looked outside at them playing in the yard. He was biting, nudging, and barking at her. And before Charlotte could intervene, Kahn grabbed her by the diaper and tossed her three feet away.

Catherine sprinted over to her daughter only to find that Kahn had just been bitten by a snake – the snake that he was trying to save the toddler from. He was bitten by the king brown snake, known for its strong venom.

Catherine acted quickly to bring Kahn to the emergency vet, he had a rough night but made a full recovery. He is back with his family and they have a deeper appreciation for the new family member.
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