Ken Ham Is Asking All Of YOU For Help In The Most Christian Way Possible

by Henry Freeman 0

Ken Ham is doing something that hasn’t been done in over 500 years since Martin Luther took a stand against the Roman Catholic Church. He is stating that many Christians today are abandoning the scripture and resorting to bad habits. Something that Ham says is unforgivable.

“Many Christians are no longer allowing God’s Word to be the authority, and are exalting man’s fallible word over Scripture. We see this clearly when man’s beliefs of millions of years and evolution are forced into the book of Genesis — the very foundation of Scripture and doctrine,” Ham argued.

“It’s no wonder many in this church generation have embraced gay ‘marriage,’ abortion, premarital sex, and other things Scripture speaks strongly against. Scripture is no longer their authority — man’s word is. As a result, we are seeing a generational loss from the Church,” he continued.

What Ham is calling for is an extreme reformation from the modern churches. He is calling for those to follow his lead and trust in the bible in every single way. His idea of a reform is going back to what we trusted hundreds of years ago. I am not sure how I feel about his idea of reformation, but I do know that something needs to change in our society. What is that exactly? I don’t know, but something. Will you be part of the reform?