Horrific And Bloody Tragedy Kills 35 And Has Governments Scrambling For Answers

by Henry Freeman 0

It hadn’t struck midnight and 35 people were killed while celebrating in Istanbul. An attacker carrying an assault rifle shot up a nightclub in Istanbul last night. He began by attacking cops and the security guard. A few violent and bloody videos have been posted, but I will spare you of those.

“A terrorist with a long-range weapon … brutally and savagely carried out this incident by firing bullets on innocent people who were there solely to celebrate the New Year and have fun,” Sahin told reporters at the scene.

According to the Christian post, Turkey, part of the U.S.-led coalition against Islamic State, faces multiple security threats including spillover from the war in neighboring Syria. It has seen repeated attacks and bombings blamed on Islamic State as well as Kurdish militants in recent months.

All of Turkey needs our prayers now after suffering such a terrifying loss. Most of those killed were torusits visiting for new years. This type of violence must end, it is horrifying to think now nowhere is safe from attacks. It is scary to think that I could be out in Time Square and a shooting could occur. I fear for our world. Will you pray?