Horrible Birth Defect Sends Mother To Hospital Only To Get Worse News

by Henry Freeman 0

Imagine that you are sitting in your living room relaxing. You are a mother of two and you just got your first day off in a while. Then you hear a cry from your youngest baby. It is a cry that you don’t recognize as being a hungry cry, or a tired cry. It is a cry of intense pain that jolts you. This is what happened for Lucinda. She found her newborn, Ezra, crying in her crib. She was covered in red hives and she was burning up.

Lucinda immediately rushed to the hospital. When she arrived the doctors performed a spinal tap on her baby. It turned out that the baby had contracted listeria meningitis. It is a horrifying brain infection that is contracted through bacteria transferred from the mother. It grows on certain foods that pass through the umbilical chord to the baby. Lucinda was stunned that she had done this to her baby. She tried thinking about what she had eaten that could have had the bacteria.

It turns out that she had cold cuts, and cold cuts can grow the bacteria. Listeria can also grow in cold temperatures so the refrigerator is perfect. The doctors claimed that if she would have been just minutes late they would have lost the baby. Many mothers go through this and awareness needs to become more apparent. Listeria is a serious infection that could take a baby’s life! Will you share this article to spread awareness?