An Explosion Came From The Sky Then Fire Began To Rain Down Below…When You See It…Oh My God

by Henry Freeman 0

Another tragedy has occurred and its only been 2017 for one day. Three people are dead after a two plane crash Texas. The two planes were flying separately when they met head on and people looking on screamed in shock.

The fire rained down near a Home Depot and pelted cars below. No one else was hurt other than those in the planes. According to The Federal Aviation Administration said the two planes collided near Aero Country Airport shortly after 5:30 p.m.
FAA spokesman Lynn Lunsford says “both aircraft were flying under Visual Flight Rules and were not in contact with air traffic control at the time of the collision.”

Local fire department officials confirmed to the FAA that three people died in the crash.
Additional details were not immediately available about those killed in the collision. This is a horrible thing to hear of to start the year, but it is things we must be aware of. If you are a pilot make sure you are always in contact with air traffic control.

This crash could have been avoided if the pilots were in contact with the air traffic controllers. All of the families that were affected are not releasing names just yet, but they still need your prayers. Will you be praying for them?