Chip And Joanna Need Our Prayers After They Are Attacked For Defending Jesus

by Henry Freeman 0

Many people would love to have Chip and Joanna Gaines build them a brand new home with an amazing white picket fence and rustic interior. In fact, many people would even love to be their neighbors. A recent poll asked readers which celebrities would they most want as their neighbor.

The Obamas take the top spot with 14 percent of the votes, which Zillow says were split fairly evenly among genders and age groups. Washington, D.C., residents can get excited, as the soon-to-be-former first family is rumored to be moving to the D.C. neighborhood of Kalorama once it leaves the White House.

But the Gaines took number two. The reason? They have strong Christian values that many of the readers related to. They also brought up a certain situation about a recent headline. They said they loved how they defended their church and defended their beliefs to the very end. They took negativity and channeled it into making sure that their religion was not coming into question.

Chip and Joanna are now asking all of their fans to help them spread the word of our Lord by simply making sure to speak up when spoken against. It is our right to defend our nature and ourselves in any way we can. Chip and Joanna do this every day, and so we should follow their lead. Will you?