Baby Girl With Rare Disease Attacked Viciously By “Doggy,” She Needs Prayers Now

by John Sullivan 0

A baby girl was attacked by a dog recently, and received horrific wounds to her face. However, that wasn’t the worst part; was already extremely sick with a very rare disease, and the attack certainly did not help. Her mother posted the following story about her baby girl on her GoFundMe page.

“On November 1st, Cydnee my four year old daughter was admitted to Carbondale hospital with an extremely high fever and bloody diarrhea stools. We were here for over 72 hours before it was determined she had cdiff. Which is very rare in children and very life threatening if not properly handled. For days my child had a non stop fever, couldn’t keep any food or fluids down and had non stop diarrhea.

The hospital staff informed me they didn’t have a medication to give her, that the pharmacy was going to have to make one. Basically made her a guinea pig. She took this antibiotic Four times a day for ten days. By day seven on antibiotics she was seeming Better. Now here we are, 22 days later back in the hospital with the same issues going on. Low white blood cells, fever, bloody mucus diarrhea. They admitted her to the pediatric unit with no answers again.

Here’s the hard part for me. I’m a single mother. I work two jobs to provide for my daughter and myself. I’m trying to buy our beautiful Home that we both love. Unfortunately, we live week to week. And spending this past month taking care of my sick baby girl is starting to put me in a hole, I’m not sure I will be able to recover from. This little girl of mine has been thru so much in her short four years of life, that most adults would never dream of. She was born without soft spots in her skull, and at 7 months old she was cut from ear to ear and completely reconstructed. The condition is called craniosynostosis.  It’s one thing after another with my baby.
I’m a very proud mother, but I’ve decided When it comes to staying in this hospital with my daughter instead of going to work, it’s a hard decision but it’s one I had to make.
Anything is greatly appreciated. Christmas is around the corner and I know money is tight for us all. Thank you all for taking the time to read this, and thinking or praying for my Baby girl.

***Yesterday, 11/27/2016 Cydnee was with her father. Laying in bed watching cartoons and out of nowhere, his dog jumped up in the bed and bit my daughter multiple times in the face. He rushed her to Herrin hospital, who then put us in an ambulance and sent us to Cardinal Glennon in st Louis. The plastic surgeons there put her under and fixed her face to the best of their abilities. Exact words from the doctor was she had so many stitches inside and out that the team lost count. So now, not only is my baby girl very sick, now she has been viciously attacked by what she thought was her “friend doggy”.  My baby girl has been thru so much, I just can’t say it enough. Thank you all for your love and prayers. Any little bit helps at this point, we are very grateful.
Caitlyn Jaycox, mother to Cydnee.”

Please pray for this little girl!