Another Officer Is In Critical Condition After Being Shot During Traffic Stop, Please Send Prayers

by John Sullivan 0

Police officers are being attacked all the time. Last night, an officer was the victim of an ambush shooting. If it hadn’t been for his bullet proof vest, he would be dead. Today, another officer, this time in Oklahoma City, was shot and rushed to the hospital.

The OKC officer was shot in the leg during a traffic stop. The bullet struck an artery. The officer had his back turned and was walking back to his car when the driver shot him in the leg. “It’s dangerous anytime you pull somebody over and in this case he had actually already made contact with the person he had pulled over and then he turned around to walk back to the vehicle,” said Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Spokesman Mark Opgrande. “A sheriff’s deputy arrived on the scene and began giving CPR and putting a tourniquet on him to stop the bleeding.”

Later, officers discovered the car of the suspect, but no one was inside. “Nobody was found in the car,” said Oklahoma City Police Officer Jeff Dutton. “The car was empty. Right now this is going to be part of the scene and we’re going to process that scene and get more details from that.”

“It seems to be pretty prevalent of stuff going on in the country right now and it’s saddening to hear any time a shooting takes place,” Dutton said, “whether it involves an officer, an emergency responder or just anyone in the public period.”

Please pray for this officer!