Amber Alert: This 6 Year Old Boy Is Missing And In Serious Danger, Please Share

by John Sullivan 0

A little boy in Aurora, Colorado has gone missing and police and people are frantically searching. They believe that he may be in serious danger, an Police are considering the investigation as of today their absolute top priority.

“We are using search team organizations in addition to local law enforcement partners and APD officers to continue our search including helicopters and bloodhounds,” police said on Facebook.

“We are asking everyone to check your property. Children will often hide in small spaces and not come out even if called upon,” police said. Over 150 people from Aurora came out to search for David yesterday.

David’s mother Stephanie Puckett, was extremely emotional as she addressed reporters at the news conference Sunday morning.“Help me find David… he’s only 6 years old,” Stephanie Puckett pleaded. “He’s a good boy.” David was last seen wearing camouflage pants, black shirt, a thin tan coat, and black and orange boots, police said. Authorities say he was not dressed for cold weather.